“Just Another Super Sunday at the Movies”

"Just Another Super Sunday at the Movies"

Seventy two years and still going strong! The Krewe of Mid-City, Carnival’s 5th oldest continuously-parading Krewe, now traverses the Uptown parade route on what some are calling “Super Sunday.” The parade starts at 2:00 PM, preceded by the Krewe of Okeanos and Thoth, and followed by Bacchus.

Designed by Artist Ricardo C. Pustanio
The Wizard of Oddz
Follow the red brick road to the glamorous and elegant Emerald City Casino and Munchkin Truck stop. Oddz Casino where the Wizard has given the best odds on Super Sunday teams. Hopefully Dorothy is not a gambler and won't bet the house on the squeaky Tin men beating the Cowardly Lions. "Everyones a real winner at Oddz casino, and Toto too!
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Willie Wonka and
The Cheese Packer Factory

Greetings to you the Lucky finder of this golden Giant Cheese ball from Mr. Willy Wonka.
Find the Giant cheese ball at the parade at two o'clock in the afternoon of the sixth day of February and do not be late. You may bring with you all members of your family ... and your friends ... and anyone you meet in the streets. In your wildest Cheeseiest dreams you could not imagine the marvelous surprises that await you!

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Clash with the Titans
This is the Mythic old tale of the cruel and kind football gods and The mighty Titan, a son of the gods, battle it out to the death. The heavens crack with lightening as meer mortal man watches and ponders. "So what it takes to be a hero and be the real Champions" ? – Many a Beautiful woman has said. "Watching the Super Bowl will turn men to stone"!!
Yes, it's true. isn't it?

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The Mummy Returns "just when you Thoth you saw everything"
Egyptian prince At-Lan-ta emerges from his tomb, he was condemned and buried alive for excessive celebration/rule violations/unsportsmanlike conduct/not wrapping up players when tackling them. Taken off the bench 3700 years later, this "Crusty Mummy finally get's his shot and rewrites the rules with his own mystical book of Thoth Play Book of the Dead.
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The Fumblestein's Monster
It's Alive! You should get a real "Charge" out of this one! Fumblestein the man made fan with a stolen game ball for a brain. Don't get in his way or take the remote control, or block his view... you might just become a part of Super Sunday game day history.
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Lord of the Super Sunday Ring
The epic quest for the Mighty and powerful "One" Super Sunday Mid City Bowl ring. "One winner takes all." Excited fans watch in awe as the Rings fate falls into the hands of the other team. What's the score? Who dropped the ball? Who's got the ball? Every Armchair Quarterback looks on in this soon to be legendary test of strength, endurance and game day complition.
Gott’em 1, Hobbits 0!!!

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Raiders of the Lost Trailer Park
Mardi Gras 2005, In the thick foil jungle of Mid-City, our renowned lost Quarterback and adventurer Mid City Jones, enters a vast lost trailer parkin search of the sacred golden game ball. You're in for thrills as our "Hero" confronts hidden dangers in one astonishing cliffhanger after another. With the goal-line in sight, can Mid City Jones bring home the trophy or will the football head hunters win out?
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Citizen Pain
Poor Citizen Pain you got to really feel sorry for him. Battered, bruised and beaten to a pulp. Always in the running but never a winning season. Where doesn't it hurt! This loser of all losers is always looking for a way to end his pain. This, Who Dat, of a man will just have to wait till next year.
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The Krewe Of Mid City will Parades on The Sunday Afternoon before Mardi Gras on the traditional St. Charles Ave parade route. This is by all means the must see best day parade and the one not to miss!
Designed by internationally known local New Orleans artist Ricardo Pustanio.

Krewe Of Mid City Throws include collectors-edition stuffed animals, Logo beads, doubloons, cups, medallions, Frisbees, and our specially-printed Zapps potato chips!

The Krewe Of Mid City reviewing stand is at the Hotel Intercontinental on St. Charles Avenue, but anywhere along the route is a great place to be for the Super Sunday of Mardi Gras parades.
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